You can request premature ejaculation treatment online after completing our Online Doctor consultation, which assesses your suitability for  the treatment. The treatment is for men who find they often ejaculate too soon after penetration (within two minutes).  Priligy contains the active ingredient, Dapoxetine, which has been shown to increase the time taken to ejaculate by delaying the chemical reaction responsible for this process.

An alternative treatment is EMLA cream, which is a local anaesthetic. This makes you less sensitive to the stimulation of penetration, and so delays how long it takes to ejaculate.

Premature Ejaculation Treatment Options

  • 30mg x3 Tablets£21.99
  • 30mg x6 Tablets£43.99
  • 30mg x12 Tablets £86.99
  • 30mg x18 Tablets£130.99
EMLA cream
  • EMLA cream x 1tube£9.99
  • EMLA cream x 2tube£17.99

Treatment Comparison

Codeine Phosphate Co-codamol/ Kapake/ Solpadol/Zapain Co-dydramol Dihydrocodeine
Pack Sizes 28, 100, 200 tablets 100, 200 tablets 100, 200 tablets 28, 100 tablets
Strength 15mg + 30mg 30/500mg 10/500mg 30mg
Active Ingredient Codeine Paracetamol + Codeine Paracetamol + Dihydrocodeine Dihydrocodeine
Dosage 1 or 2 tablets per dose 1 or 2 tablets per dose 1 or 2 tablets per dose 1 tablet per dose


Premature Ejaculation can be as a result of a number of factors. Most commonly it is a simple inability to control when you ejaculate. Medical problems related to the prostate problems or hypothyroidism can also cause premature ejaculation. Anxiety can also be a cause. In young (and sometimes older) men, PE often improves as sexual experience increases, or familiarity with a partner increase

Priligy works by altering the actions of chemicals in the brain that result in ejaculation. It should be taken between 1-3 hours before intercourse and can last for up to 12 hours after. It can be taken with or without food, however you should not drink alcohol when taking Priligy as alcohol can have a negative impact on time taken to ejaculate.
Never take more than one tablet within a 24 hour period.

Priligy is licensed in men between the 18-64 who have had PE for at least 6 months.

Priligy works in around 8 out of 10 men (80%). Generally, the time taken to ejaculate should double or triple. It should be noted however, that this is not a cure for the condition. It will only work when you take it, and any underlying causes of PE should be addressed.

While many men may feel they suffer from PE, having variation in the time taken to ejaculate is normal. True premature ejaculation is diagnosed when ejaculation occurs either before or up to one minute into sexual intercourse, usually with minimal stimulation.

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